New Apple iPod Nano and iPod Touch

iPod Touch and iPod Nano Get a Colorful, HD Makeover

iPod Touch and iPod Nano Get a Colorful, HD Makeover

Apple's line of iPod Touch and iPod Nano music devices also received an upgrade today, with many of the new features of the iPhone 5 also coming to this fifth generation iPod Touch. Both devices will use the new Lightning connector, so an adapter is necessary when using the iPods with any older dock or speaker accessories.

For the first time the iPod Touch comes in five color options and the iPod Nano is returning to the larger screen size of older generations. Expect many of the same features seen in other iPod generations such as a radio and Nike+ fitness on the iPod Nano.

Preorders of the iPod Touch begin Sept. 14 for the 32GB model ($299) and the 64GB model ($399), which will ship in October. The 16GB iPod Nano is available for $149 in October. Keep reading for more on the iPod Touch and Nano features that make it stand out from earlier generations; and then, tell us, do you think there are enough new features in the latest iPod models to warrant an upgrade?