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New Battery Can Be Charged 1,000 Times

While we live in an age dominated by electronic devices that can be charged via USB or their own "plug into the wall" chargers there are still plenty of people and gadgets that require good old fashioned batteries. Sanyo has actually created a line of rechargeable NiMH batteries that will be sold all charged up and ready to go - an unthinkable option in the past. Other NiMH rechargeables have to be charged before they can be used, which makes for that terrible lag time between opening your new gadgets and using your new gadgets. The even better news is these puppies can reportedly be used 1,000 times without any memory effects.

A pack of two AA Eneloop batteries will cost $10, and will be on shelves November 14. Looks like Japan is the first market, but stay tuned.


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