New Case Offers Complete iPhone Coverage

A close cousin to the new Elan Snap-In iPhone case, the Elan Holster from Griffin offers all around protection for your iPhone. Instead of having to turn your device around in the case when you aren't using it (like you do with the Snap-In), the Holster serves as a full body suit for your iPhone.

The phone can easily be pulled out, but you can transport it or keep it in your purse or pocket without wondering if it's turned itself on or automatically dialed your mother in law.

The case also has a nifty removable clip, which threatens to ruin your street cred if you attach it to your belt buckle, but can serve as a perfectly chic option for clipping the device inside your bag or laptop carrier. It's made of an embossed black leather shell with a no-scratch lining and costs $29.99.


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