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17 Lego Sets We Couldn't Wait to Get Our Hands on This Year

Nov 18 2014 - 2:20pm

One of our favorite stops at Toy Fair [1] is always the Lego booth — the company consistently introduces creative brick sets that boggle our minds. From its licensed lines — like Star Wars, Marvel comics, and DC Comics — and its interpretations of some of our favorite Disney characters to its own properties like Lego City, Lego Friends, and Chima, we're always impressed with its new offerings. This year was no exception. Coming on the heels of the wildly popular Lego Movie [2], we knew it would have some exciting new sets on display — what we didn't expect was the "lego-fication" of two classics that both parents and kids will love.

Read on for a look at the 17 sets that kids will love!

Lego Juniors Vehicle Suitcase

Lego's new Juniors line is ideal for preschoolers who are ready to move beyond the Duplos' chunkier bricks. When the line launches in March, it will include 13 sets — some with licensed characters like Superman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Batman — and other more traditional building sets like this Vehicle Suitcase [3] ($25) and a pink House Suitcase [4] ($25).

Lego The Simpsons House

The Lego Simpsons House [5] ($200) celebrates the animated show's 25th anniversary with a 2,523-piece set that features 16 of the show's main characters in minifigure form.

Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!

The Lego Movie fans already waited a while for this masterpiece from the flick. The 940-piece Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP [6] ($103) is for the true fan!

Lego Ghostbusters

Lego fan Brent Waller submitted the concept for the company to create a building set of the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 car. The set comes with everything the characters needed to detect paranormal activity — including the four main characters in minifigure form. The Lego Ghostbusters set [7] ($50) is a real hit.

Lego Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall

The Lego Friends line has been a hit with little girls everywhere, and the signature Heartlake line's expansion to include the 1,120-piece shopping mall [8] ($110) was a welcome addition.

Lego Friends Jungle Bridge Rescue

Lego Friends introduced its first helicopter as part of its new jungle theme. The Jungle Bridge Rescue set [9] ($30) includes this ultracool helicopter.

Lego Ultra Agents Mission HQ

In August, Lego introduced the Ultra Agents line — a theme based on secret adventure missions — complete with this Ultra Agents Mission HQ [10] ($100) 1,060-piece set. The line combines brick building with online content to extend play.

Lego Duplo Batcave Adventure

For the first time, the DC Comics' cast of characters made their way to the Duplo line. One of the most exciting additions is the Batcave Adventure set [11] ($50) featuring Catwoman.

Lego Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina

Star Wars fans — like us! — are going to flip for the cantina scene in the Mos Eisley Cantina set [12] ($70). The 616-piece set comes with minifigures of all the interesting characters.

Lego City High-Speed Passenger Train

The Lego City line expanded with 27 new sets this year, including the Lego City High-Speed Passenger Train [13] ($150), which is operated via remote control.

Lego Duplo Peter Pan's Visit

The Duplo Jake and the Never Land Pirates line received a welcome visitor in August — Peter Pan! The Peter Pan's Visit set [14] ($30) is 39 pieces, including the Tick-Tock Crock and treasure chest.

Lego Juniors Pony Farm

The Lego Juniors line also includes this 306-piece Pony Farm [15] ($30).

Lego Duplo Superman Rescue

In addition to Batman joining the Duplo line, the 19-piece Superman Rescue set [16] ($20) includes everyone's favorite Man of Steel.

Lego Hulk Lab Smash

Lego's line of Avengers sets expanded with the 398-piece Hulk Lab Smash [17] ($50). Check out the details on the Hulk!

Lego Spider-Helicopter Rescue

Lego's Spider-Helicopter Rescue set [18] ($45) comes with 299 pieces, including Mary Jane — her first time in minifigure form!

Lego Movie Metal Beard's Sea Cow

In March, the Metal Beard's Sea Cow set [19] ($250) hit Lego Store shelves with every detail you remember from the flick. The 2,471-piece set comes with the signature double-decker couch, the actual sea cow, five minifigures (including Emmet), and the complete ship.

Lego Star Wars Rebels the Ghost

With the introduction of the new Star Wars Rebels show came a new line of Lego sets, including Star Wars Rebels the Ghost [20] ($90). The set includes two cockpits, two spring-loaded shooters, and ejecting escape pods.

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