New Samsung Cameras at CES 2013

Samsung's Smart Cameras Enable One-Step Sharing

Samsung's Smart Cameras Enable One-Step Sharing

Cameras aren't as simple as "point and click" anymore, according to Samsung's updated Smart Cameras with integrated WiFi, touch-type, and editing tools. Smart Camera 2.0 will run on Samsung's new WB250F/WB200F (14.2 MP, 18x zoom), WB800F (16.3 MP, 21x zoom), WB30F (16.2 MP, 10x zoom), DV150F (16.2MP, 5x zoom with front-facing display), and ST150F (16.2 MP, 5x zoom) camera models. Each camera is designed to work with the Smart Camera App, available for Android and iOS, for a seamless mobile photography experience.

The built-in Smart Camera software is based on a "One Click, Simplify" concept, which uses one motion to share images through the camera's WiFi connectivity. Camera and cloud work in tandem with features like AutoShare, which uploads images to a smartphone as soon as a photo is taken on the camera, or Direct Link, which is a hot key that can be set up to upload images to a custom destination.

We've rounded up Samsung's newest point-and-shoot cameras with WiFi sharing for plugged-in photogs. Take a peek, and tell us what you think about the superconnected Smart Cameras.