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Why Does Twitter Look Like Facebook Now?

Apr 8 2014 - 11:11am

Starting today, you may notice something markedly different with your Twitter profile [1]. There's now a wide banner-shaped cover photo across the top, a square-shaped profile picture aligned to the left, and your Twitter timeline down the middle. At second glance, this redesign looks a lot like the profile of another social media time suck — Facebook.

Twitter is rolling out the new web profile to existing users over the coming weeks, and new users will get the redesign right after they sign up. There are two new types of tweets you'll see in your redesigned profile's stream. The first is "best tweets," which will make tweets that get a lot of engagement appear larger. That's why the text on the first lady's photo with student Nene Sy is bigger. The second is "pinned tweets," which are important messages that you choose to keep up at that top. Previously, only verified accounts were able to feature tweets at the top of their timelines.

Another change is that timelines will have "@" mentions filtered out. These replies will now go under a tab labeled "Tweets and replies." This update was also exclusive to verified accounts before the redesign.

Do you like Twitter's new Facebook-esque profile pages? If it hasn't rolled out to your account yet, scroll down to preview the redesign on some of our favorite celebrities' accounts.

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