New Xbox One Console

Xbox One's Reveal Makes the Console the Entertainment Center

Xbox One's Reveal Makes the Console the Entertainment Center

On Tuesday, Microsoft revealed the next-generation Xbox console, the Xbox One. Don Mattrick, Xbox president, called the new system the "ultimate all-in-one entertainment system." Rather than the gaming console as yet one more input into the living room's media center, the Xbox One is designed to be the hub of entertainment, no longer requiring users to switch between modes to play games or watch live TV.

Turn on Xbox One by saying "Xbox On," and continue to use voice commands that are updated to work with more conversational speech, gestures, or scroll with the revamped controller to quickly move between game mode, Internet, music, Blu-ray DVDs, and live TV. To make the gesture and speech interface natural, each One console comes with a Kinect sensor, redesigned to pair with the new Xbox home screen, similar in appearance to Windows 8.

Pricing and availability will be announced later this year. Sign up for a preorder notification and, for a limited time, get $10 in online store credit. Read on for more about the One's multitasking features, fast hardware, and the first ever Xbox live TV series based on the Halo games.


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