New iHome iPhone/iPod Touch Alarm Clock Dock

An Alarm Clock/iPod Speaker Dock From iHome

The iPhone-as-alarm trend continues, this time with the iHome iA5 alarm clock ($100). Similar to the recently released iLuv model, the alarm clock/iPod dock is made to work with an app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Download the free iHome app from the App Store containing an alarm clock, weather forecast, statistics (including average alarm time and average number of times you hit the snooze button), and quick links to Facebook and Twitter.

The dock itself has a built-in alarm, so it works even if your iPhone isn't attached — but it has a time sync button to make sure both clocks display the proper time when your device is attached. You can even program the snooze button for up to 29 minutes between alarms. While the dock works best with the iPhone/iPod app, it will also work with your other iPods, too.