Nokia N9 Features, Specs, and Release Date

4 Reasons to Love the Nokia N9

Nokia N9 Features, Specs, and Release Date

If you're on the hunt for a new smartphone, the newly announced Nokia N9 may be just the thing you're looking for. Due out this year (price still TBD), the N9 is one hot looking phone with its sleek body and beautiful screen, but also comes with some great features. Four features you may find interesting:

  1. Fast navigation — You can get from your home screen to current events and friend's activities to open apps and screens in just three swipes. There are no more home or back buttons to fuss with, but there is a handy quick launch bar to get you to your phone, messaging app, web, and camera in a snap. What's more, you can see all of your notifications (from missed calls and texts to emails and tweets) on the lock screen.
  2. Hot body — The N9 is supersleek looking and comes with a unibody design with a curved glass AMOLED 3.9-inch touchscreen display. Plus, it comes in three sharp colors: black, pink, and blue.
  3. Cool specs — The N9 has a wide-screen (16:9) HD display, 16 or 64GB of internal storage, NFC technology, and an 8MP camera with a wide-angle lens. Additionally, the N9 supports Dolby headphones and Dolby Plus technology, so you'll have a full surround-sound experience wherever you go.
  4. Easy sync — You can organize and sync multiple calendars and email accounts for easy viewing, and even view documents and attachments on the go.

What do you think about the N9? Check out more images of this smartphone in the gallery!