Nyan Cat Necklace

Nyan Cat Necklace: Perfect For Web Addicts

Nyan Cat Necklace: Perfect For Web Addicts

The Nyan Cat video has over 29 million views on YouTube, so if you haven't seen (or heard of) it yet then you probably don't surf the Internet . . . ever. Though, if you're a web addict, and can agree that the Nyan Cat is always good for a laugh, then you'll probably love the Nyan Cat Necklace ($25) from Etsy seller lizglizz.

This sizable necklace is made from polymer clay and comes with a silver chain, so you can accessorize as you please. Surely, this necklace is a conversation piece and could be a great geek magnet for single gals everywhere. Wear appropriately. Also, check out the Ride the Stars Necklace if you're a Kirby fan. Adorable!

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