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OMG! I Got An iPhone!

Jun 27 2007 - 4:30am

Okay, so I don't have an iPhone yet, but the promise of getting one later this week and the fact that people are already starting to line up at Apple stores [1] got me thinking about the pure, unadulterated joy I felt as a kid when I got a new toy [2], gadget or tutu. Can iPhone-obsessed adults ever top the infamous kid who got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas? You know, the one who freaked out on home video circa 1996? Well, that kid is all grown up and when I asked my friends how he might react to getting an iPhone, they all jumped at the chance to pay tribute to him. OMG! OMG! OMG! Watch it.

To watch the original Nintendo 64 video or get the code to embed this video on your site,

Special thanks to my brilliant actors partysugar [3] and yumjimmy [4] for their enthusiasm and willingness to let their geek flags fly.

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