Obama Jedi Mind Meld

Obama's Jedi Shout-Out Sends Twitter Into a Tizzy

Obama's Jedi Shout-Out Sends Twitter Into a Tizzy

This morning, President Obama addressed the press to discuss the potential harmful effects a Congressional sequester could have on the American people. Of course, the one thing Twitter picked up on was his statement that even though he's president, he can't just do a "Jedi mind meld" to get Congress to work together.

"Jedi mind meld?!" cried Twitter. "That's not a Star Wars thing!" OK, it's a Vulcan mind meld (see: Spock), and a Jedi mind trick. There are a lot of political forces at play this morning, so we hope the people behind the following tweets don't hold the sci-fi gaffe against the president.

How did the social media-savvy White House respond to the legion of science fiction fans around the web? A meme tweet with a photo dedicated to both Star Wars and Star Trek fans on the issues currently coming to a head in Congress.

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