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Twitter Calls Out President Obama For His Tan Suit

Aug 28 2014 - 2:40pm

Did President Obama really think he'd get away with this? Thursday afternoon, the leader of the free world and apparent tan suit aficionado debuted something from his Summer wardrobe during a televised press conference. He was there to talk serious business: crises in the Middle East and Ukraine. Unfortunately, his outfit choice caused a bit of a distraction. Read on for the best #tansuit Twitter responses. On Thursdays we wear taupe!

You Are Not the President of Sears http://t.co/ObgYzpisLb [1] by @JohnGHendy [2] @ESQstyle [3] #ObamasFolly [4] pic.twitter.com/JTqSRCH01G [5]

— Esquire Magazine (@Esquiremag) August 28, 2014 [6]

know how sometimes you have a job you know you won't have forever and just start wearing whatever you want? pic.twitter.com/9fXODR96AV [7]

— Bomani Jones (@bomani_jones) August 28, 2014 [8]

The Audacity of Taupe pic.twitter.com/3EC7NN0By8 [9]

— Jared Keller (@jaredbkeller) August 28, 2014 [10]

When pastor comes to speak at youth night. pic.twitter.com/6BH0G3zEn1 [11]

— Xavier D'Leau (@TheXDExperience) August 28, 2014 [12]

Tailoring is the only issue here. Lest we forget, Obama's summer suit game is tight. #tansuit [13] pic.twitter.com/XB2sE8Roqa [14]

— Matthew Beatty (@Matthew_Beatty) August 28, 2014 [15]

I'm normally a fan of Obama but that was a very weak Obama speech and press conference. Only strong suit was his suit.

— Nicholas Kristof (@NickKristof) August 28, 2014 [16]

Obama's getting one more summer suit in before Labor Day. pic.twitter.com/lugOuiCNVP [17]

— NowThis (@nowthisnews) August 28, 2014 [18]

For the win --> RT @john_dingell [19]: I see no problem with the suit. pic.twitter.com/xRuxIsJmSY [20]

— Frank Thorp V (@frankthorpNBC) August 28, 2014 [21]

Hey @TimGunn [22], do you think Obama made it work?

— Hunter Walker (@hunterw) August 28, 2014 [23]

BREAKING: President Obama wears tan suit to press conference, Internet expresses outrage while wearing pajamas on the couch

— Rex Huppke (@RexHuppke) August 28, 2014 [24]

President Obama looks like he's about to drop the coldest Easter sermon speech of 2014 pic.twitter.com/lLZEYB6Eqs [25]

— Melech E. M. Thomas (@MelechT) August 28, 2014 [26]

#DeaconObama [27] is still cute though

— SW (@swinfrey) August 28, 2014 [28]


— Ryan Teague Beckwith (@ryanbeckwith) August 28, 2014 [29]

Obama be like: "Let me be clear. Taupe rhymes with 'DOOOOOPE.'" pic.twitter.com/01Jq8nODjr [30]

— Jian DeLeon (@jiandeleon) August 28, 2014 [31]

Message from senior White House official: 'He loves that suit.'

— Susan Page (@SusanPage) August 28, 2014 [32]

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