OmSignal Biometric Fitness T-Shirt

Work Out Smarter With This High-Tech Fitness-Tracking Shirt

Work Out Smarter With This High-Tech Fitness-Tracking Shirt

Many fitness experts say: "work out smarter, not harder." Well, it doesn't get much smarter than the new high-tech apparel by OMSignal. The moisture-wicking shirts are made with special conductive silver-based threads that capture data like heart rate, breathing regularity, and more. A little black box that snaps on to the shirt receives those transmissions and sends the data to your phone. It's like having a heart rate strap built into your gym clothes. Why wear an activity-tracking bracelet all day long when you can just put on a shirt at the gym?

OMSignal calls its product a "biometric sensing shirt." Biometric is a fancy scientific term that refers to the ability to capture quantifiable data from humans. But you're not just left to make sense of all those numbers on your own. OMSignal's shirts pair with an app that presents your vital stats in easy-to-read graphs. It'll even tell you if you're on track to lose weight or increase aerobic capacity by looking at your activity levels and breathing regularity.

The only downside? It's not available for women — yet. Men's shirts are now available for preorder ($200 for one shirt and one sensor), and they'll ship this Summer. High-tech workout wear for women is coming soon, so stay tuned.

Source: OMSignal