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Why Everyone Started Crying During Orphan Black's Comic-Con Panel

Jul 25 2014 - 10:59pm

That was rough, you guys. Fans were walking away from Orphan Black [1]'s Comic-Con International: San Diego panel in tears. The hit BBC America sci-fi show, about a woman who discovers she is one of many clones [2], has unleashed a star in lead actress Tatiana Maslany. She recently took home her second Critics' Choice Award for best actress in a drama series. But her acting prowess in playing nine distinctive characters [3] is only a small reason why such a rabid fandom has developed around the show. At this year's Comic-Con, it was the actress's humanity that was on full display. These tweets say it all.

Source: Twitter user JohnFawcett75 [4]

An audience member gave Tatiana an award for "best actress in the world."

Gifts given to @tatianamaslany [5] at the @OrphanBlack [6] #SDCC [7] panel. pic.twitter.com/vDEnNEXlqc [8]

— Dalton Ross (@DaltonRoss) July 26, 2014 [9]

The clone nesting dolls!

. . . Because she can do anything.

Look who's drivin! #CloneClub [10] pic.twitter.com/FfemVpfFQD [11]

— Graeme Manson (@GraemeManson1) July 26, 2014 [12]

Even drive a golf cart to her own panel!

Even Tatiana's costars are in awe of her talent.

"She's so bloody good her own MOTHER doesn't even recognize her!" @mariadkennedy [13] on @tatianamaslany [14]'s brilliant work #OrphanBlack [15] #SDCC [16]

— Orphan Black (@OrphanBlack) July 26, 2014 [17]

She does drama — AND comedy super well.

But the most tear-jerking moment? This.

.@tatianamaslany [18] has been brought to tears by amazing testimony from a gay fan inspired by Cosima. #SDCC [19] #OrphanBlack [20]

— anglophenia (@anglophenia) July 26, 2014 [21]

Here's exactly what went down.

Source: thecloneclub.tumblr.com [22]

She even discussed the subject before the panel, with the press.

"Tatiana teared up talking about how proud she is to play a transman."

Naturally, people refused to stop clapping for her.

STANDING OVATION for Tatiana Maslany in Room 6A! #OrphanBlack [23] #SDCC [24]

— Dark Chador (@Charlie_LJ) July 26, 2014 [25]

We love Tatiana because she has compassion — but she's also kinda twisted.

Q: If the clones had to die, how would they die? A: @tatianamaslany [26] "Helena would eat herself to death." #OrphanBlack [27] #SDCC [28]

— Orphan Black (@OrphanBlack) July 26, 2014 [29]

Stay tuned for MORE from San Diego Comic-Con!

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