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Oscar Geek: Forrest Gump's Vintage and Modern Tech

Oscar Geek: Forrest Gump's Vintage and Modern Tech

Because of Oscar Week (don't forget to cast your ballot!) and our Oscar Worthy Gadgets feature, I've been thinking about the gadgets of past Oscar winners too. One of my favorite movies of all time is Forrest Gump, and this epic movie never fails to bring me to tears — or make me want to listen to oldies. Forrest Gump wasn't exactly geeky himself, but fictionally, he's responsible for an obsession I and many of you have today. Forrest mentions that Lieutenant Dan has made an investment for him in "a fruit company" — we of course then see a letter with the unmistakable (vintage) Apple logo.

In present day 1994, the film Forrest Gump needed a whole team of geeks to make several important scenes possible. Gary Sinise (as Dan), who had lost his legs in Vietnam, had his legs "removed" through CGI. To enable Forrest to "meet" historical figures like JFK and John Lennon, the filmmakers used chroma key, warping, morphing and rotoscoping, and Tom Hanks was later added in. The film won Best Visual Effects for this, which was, as is the case for the many awards they won that year, completely deserved.

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