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Oscar Worthy Gadgets - Remote in Click

Nominated for achievement in makeup, Click was the one movie in 2006 with a plot revolving around a geeky gadget. While the idea of an all-powerful, time controlling universal remote is far-fetched; it did provide some lighthearted laughs and drama. Whether you call your remote by its real name, "clicker" or "twanger," remotes play a daily part in our tech lives and it's easy to wonder what you would have done were you in Adam Sandler's shoes in the movie.

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Apparently, one of the earliest examples of remote control was developed in 1893, but the first remote intended to control a television was developed by Zenith Radio Corporation in the early 1950's. The remote — unofficially called "Lazy Bones" - was connected to the television set by a wire. To improve the awkward setup, a wireless remote control called "Flashmatic" was developed in 1955 which worked by shining a beam of light onto a photoelectric cell. We've come a long way baby!



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