This PLUG + PLAY wireless speaker system came about during a ten week industrial design bachelor degree project whereby research was conducted to better identify the needs of the user. Designer Per Brickstad worked in collaboration with Swedish speaker company Audio Pro to develop these unique transparent speakers that can play music from cell phones, computers and mp3 players. In its early design phase, audio files were sent from each device by small plug elements.

Discussed on Yanko Design, the only problem with this plug and play method was its inability to be comprehensive on the whole. So the designers tweaked the prototype to create a system of speakers with bluetooth receiver, and plugs with bluetooth sender. The existing plug goes into the side of the speaker for charging, and the speaker has a transparent LCD-display in the glass which shows the music equalizer and provides song title, etc.

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The device interests me for three reasons. No. 1, it's shaped like the Helio Ocean device. No. 2, it's transparent and chic. No. 3, wireless speakers are always intriguing, but very rarely as amazing (in terms of sound quality) than their wired counterparts. Could this one be different?