Pac-Man Ukulele

Pac-Man Ukulele Won't Eat Your Sheet Music

Pac-Man Ukulele Won't Eat Your Sheet Music

Was one of your New Year's resolutions to finally learn to play a musical instrument? If you haven't gotten on that yet (it's almost August but you still have time!) and feel that a piano is too big, a guitar is too mainstream, and drums would drive your neighbors insane, the ukulele is a good choice for its compact frame and soothing sound. But don't just run out and pick up any ukulele — try this Pac-Man Ukulele ($600) on for size instead.

Coming with the classic Pac-Man frame and a ghost perched at the top of the fretboard, you can be certain that your ukulele (or "Paculele" as Etsy store Celetano Woodworks calls it) will be the most unique on the block. But Celetano Woodworks has more than just Pac-Man ukes in its shop. Check out a few more geeky styles in the gallery.


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