Have you been looking for an MP3 player that gets your heart racing and offers some funky DJ styles? The Pacemaker - I know, isn't the name great? - is described as a new "concept for modern music engagement."

More simply, it's a portable music player equipped with a range of professional audio manipulation features allowing for creative mixing between two independent channels. It's also being called the "world's first platform for legal music sharing" because any mix you create can be saved for legal sharing with the rest of the world.

The DJ system features line out crossfade, headphones crossfader, bend, pitch, cue, DJ pause, EQ, sound FX (that's all DJ speak for fun features), a line out jack and a USB connector. It will be 120 GB, support a variety of audio formats and will be about 6.5 inches by 2.5 inches. "We're out to bring people closer to the music they love, to let music lovers be creative with their passion, to make themselves available to be heard and to have a good time in the process," says the makers. I can just imagine mixing Rilo Kiley with techno beats while riding on the bus. The first edition will be out this fall.