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Party For Helio MUSIC And Fallout Boys New Album

Pete Wentz from Fallout Boys and celebs like Kim Kardashian recently went out full force at the Roosevelt Hotel to celebrate Helio music and the launch of the Fallout Boys' new album Infinity on High and Helio Music.
Helio music is the newest addition to Helio's line of custom built 3G services which allows you to organize your music, create custom playlists and instantly access your favorite tunes. You can also check out artist bios and images, preview songs, view community recommendations then download tracks over-the-air via the 3G network. I have yet to experiment with Helio's music services, but by the sounds of it, it seems like they keep getting more advanced and useful. Of course if you have a Helio, you can get Popsugar's content all day.

helio 3

helio 2

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