Peacock Headphones at CES 2012 From Monster

Fashion Starts at the Ear on Monster Headphones

Fashion Starts at the Ear on Monster Headphones

In a gadget-accessories market filled with the latest, greatest, slimmest, and lightest gear, how do you get a headphone to stand out from the crowd? Put a bird on it. The Inspiration headphones, one of several headphone lines announced by Monster this week at CES, push fashion to the forefront with a style sure to be noticed.

Available in Spring 2012, the Inspiration headphones feature a removable headband, which is where your creative fashion powerhouse can rule. Eight additional headband styles of brightly colored leathers and textured material will be an additional $30 beyond the Inspiration's $280 base price. For those in need of a bigger ear statement, Monster showcased limited-edition headbands with peacock feathers, electric blue mystery bird feathers, and large studs that will guarantee some respect on the morning commute.

Pricing and availability of the limited-edition headbands is not available. Would you rock the feathered headphone look on a daily basis?

Source: Monster


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