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The Ultimate 2014 Photo Challenge

Jul 17 2014 - 4:10am

Now that you know how to take great photos [1], you should put those tips into practice. You promised yourself to shoot better and more often this year, so it's time to get reacquainted with these photography challenges. From shadows to shapes and everything in between, there's no way you'll get bored when you're out there capturing the world one snap at a time. Instagram superstar status, here you come.

Source: Instagram user scottborrero [2]


Bold hues are always eye-catching, especially when you get more than one — or two — things of the same color in the same photo.

Source: Instagram user paige_ricks [3]


The next time you're around water (or, more obviously, mirrors), stay on the lookout for any photo-worthy mirror effects.

Source: Instagram user scottborrero [4]


Whether two things are identical or a little bit off, don't hesitate to snap away when they're right next to each other.

Source: Instagram user travisjensen [5]


Look for the same patterns in a row, and you're almost always guaranteed a standout picture.

Photo: Lisette Mejia


There's something so dazzling about curves, be it on roads or stairs or other everyday objects, that make them great photography subjects.

Photo: Lisette Mejia


Shadows can be particularly breathtaking if you're at the right place at the right time.

Source: Instagram user ikedeani [6]


As ordinary as they are, lines can also be dramatic if you happen to capture them in a unique way (like when they intersect or repeat).

Source: Instagram user hadsrobinson [7]

Incomplete Pictures

Sometimes not photographing the whole scene can lead to a wonderful photo — there's something beautiful about the element of mystery.

Source: Instagram user jayzombie [8]

Unusual Perspective

Try getting really high up or low to the ground for a different perspective the next time you're out shooting.

Source: Instagram user moneal [9]

Pockets of Light

Golden hour — also known as the first and last hour of sunlight — is usually the most beautiful time to shoot, because it gives off a soft effect. But you can also find stunning pockets of light, depending on where you are, no matter what time of day.

Source: Instagram user dayzdandconfuzd [10]


Don't forget to look for silhouettes — outlines of someone or something against a lighter background — when you're out chasing light.

Source: Instagram user moneal [11]

Black and White

Taking photos in black and white gives off a totally different mood than shooting in color; experiment with the tones to get a striking effect.

Source: Instagram user fisheyedreams [12]


Sometimes the up-close-and personal details of a photo can tell viewers more about what's going on than a wider photo.

Source: Instagram user sonyayu [13]

Environmental Portraits

Shooting a person in his or her everyday environment — usually at home or at work — is a lovely way to represent someone.

Source: Instagram user travisjensen [14]


Circles, squares, triangles — there's something so fun about capturing shapes, especially when they're in a unique form.

Source: Instagram user _jerryhan_ [15]


Whether it be an athlete or a car, motion is an interesting subject that is a little harder to capture but well worth the resulting image.

Source: Instagram user gehringjanos [16]

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