Picture Perfect Tech: Homerun For Apple In Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch may not have stolen any bases from critics, but the 2005 film certainly wasn't lacking in the Mac love. The film features Drew Barrymore as a young woman that falls in love with a man, played by SNL alum Jimmy Fallon, who happens to be obsessed with the Boston Red Sox. She tries to work with him - even toting her PowerBook to Fenway Park and working in the stands.

Besides the fact that I think there's no place for laptops at the ball park - you need a hot dog, beer and one of those puffy hand pointers, am I right? - wifi at sports stadiums is a given these days. As a matter of fact, my dad has been trying to convert me to the world of being a Giants' fanatic by reminding me I can "be on my computer the whole game." Maybe Drew had the right idea... For a gallery of geeky Fever Pitch photos and a filming glitch, just read more

Fever Pitch Tech Glitch: The film incorrectly shows Lindsey's dash across the field on TV - she is shown from a handheld camera that must be "on" the field. There would be no such TV camera on the field during a game, only after the game has ended.