Pictures of President Obama With Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs

President Obama Meets With Tech Elite in Woodside

President Obama Meets With Tech Elite in Woodside

Yesterday we saw what seemed to be the official guest list for the Silicon Valley meet-up with President Obama, and it looks as if it was spot on. You can see from this image that all the heavy hitters in tech were there, including Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs (both seen flanking the POTUS), Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz (only one of two females in the group), along with Google CEO Eric Schmidt and several other CEOs including those from Twitter, Netflix, and Cisco.

A few interesting notes: you can see in the second image in this slideshow that Mark Zuckerberg left his jeans at home in exchange for a suit, while Steve Jobs kept with tradition by donning his usual St. Croix turtleneck. I guess he only breaks out the suit for the Oscars.

Source: Flickr user The White House