Pink Ribbon Nintendo DS Lite On Sale This October

Pink on My Gadgets Isn't Always a Bad Thing

I have a love-hate relationship with the color pink, especially on my gadgets. I like sporting the color on occasion, but I don't like how tech manufacturers think that women only like their gadgets glossed in the feminine hue. Thankfully, I can totally get behind the pink ribbon movement that supports breast cancer research, and subsequently use it as an excuse to buy another DS. What? It's to fight cancer!

For a limited time, Nintendo is rolling out a Pink Ribbon DS Lite that supports cancer research and awareness. For each Pink Ribbon DS that's purchased, Nintendo will donate $5.00 to the Susan G. Komen For The Cure research fund, with a whopping $100,000 minimum promised. If there's any reason to go out and splurge on a new DS for yourself or the women in your life, I'm thinking this is your shot! You can get your own on Amazon and in stores on October 19.