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Porsche Cayenne Phone: Unlicensed, Ticket-Worthy?

When it comes to luxury brand cell phones there are clear winners and losers. The right company authorized combination, logo placement and overall design can produce dramatic effects - think the sleek Vertu Ferrari 1947 phone which sold out almost instantly - but the wrong combination can be a real trend killer. The newly outted (and likely unlicensed) Porsche Cayenne cell phone is one of those, well lemons.

Apparently a Hong Kong manufacturer created this Porsche-branded phone with a reported two-megapixel camera, color screen and the shape of the affluent Suburban-mommy car. Engagdet says it "purrs along on dual band GSM, supports microSD flash cards, and plays nice with MP3 / MP4 files," but those specs haven't been confirmed.




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