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Pottery Barn's New Simple Dock Is Just That

Pottery Barn's New Simple Dock Is Just That

I remain somewhat impressed by Pottery Barn's tech accessories, because even when they're overpriced, they usually hit the right style mark.

The Simple Dock in particular, is no exception; not only is it pretty nice looking (though my thoughts are still in conflict over whether I like the faux leather), but the size is great for a smaller place or desk. Which brings me to my next point; iPod docks these days keep showing up with so many bells and whistles and extras, and sometimes you — or a person you might want to give it to you — don't need all that.

But still, Pottery Barn did it again with their disappointing pricing: $80 for this? It was appealing to me until I got to that point. It'll inevitably go on sale, but I still don't understand why they price such simple (but not altogether unique) products so high.

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