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It's Morphin' Time! The White Ranger Makes an Appearance at the Cutest Nuptials

Aug 28 2014 - 6:29am

Beyond deciding suit and tie colors, grooms don't get much sartorial creativity when it comes to wedding [1] attire, but that wasn't the case at Joe and Felicia's wedding. Rather than meeting Felicia for a first look in a run-of-the-mill suit picked out at the mall, Joe revealed a white Power Ranger suit. The bride who said the best moment of the day was getting married to her Power Ranger clearly did not mind.

That's not the only geek reference the couple included in the rest of the day. Felicia's bouquet is actually comic book pages crafted into petals, which was caught by one of her bridesmaids, Sean. Centerpieces, origami programs, and decorations made of perler beads were a DIY [2] affair that the whole bridal party partook in.

And then there's that cake. Yes, that is a hobbit house modeled straight from the Shire. Molly Przybelinski of MollyCakes handcrafted the red velvet cake and sculpted the fondant Lord of the Rings-themed toppings of the root beer float and creamsicle-flavored cupcakes.

Did embracing the DIY and creating the wedding of their dreams stress the couple? No way. Future geek brides, heed Felicia's advice and relish in the planning process "because there's no point in getting wound up because you will not end up enjoying your day." Now on to the geek-tastic accoutrements.


Photographer: Gage Blake Photography [3] // Venue: Warner Theatre [4], Erie, PA // Makeup Artist: Kat Picard // Hair: Danielle Peterson, Hair & Nail Creations // Cake: Molly Przybelinski, MollyCakes [5] // Jewelry: Samantha Castorina, Gemslots [6]

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