The Pros and Cons of Fashion Cameras

De-Coding the Fashion Camera

The Pros and Cons of Fashion Cameras

We've all seen the shiny candy colored cameras lined up at your local electronic stores' display shelves, ripe for the picking. Those colors! I know what you're thinking: It would match perfectly with my bag/shoes/iPod/insert accessory here. But what are these cameras made up of, other than flashy and oh-so-tempting exteriors? We'll divide and conquer five different models, learning the pros and cons of each so you get the camera you'll love and one that fits your needs too. Plus, explain what all the techie jargon means, so you can actually have a convo with the sales guy, and not just look like a deer in the headlights. Keep in mind, all of these beauties have at least 8-megapixels for super clear prints, as well as 3x optical zoom when you're ready for your close ups!


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