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Pure Digital Kicks Off Massive Camcorder Giveaway

Starting today, Pure Digital Technologies will be launching a one million Flip Video Camcorder giveaway to benefit nonprofits worldwide. The Flip Video Spotlight program came about when former President Bill Clinton approached Pure Digital, requesting that video be used to shed light on world issues that need to be addressed. With a million pocket-sized camcorders that have built-in software for direct uploading to YouTube, the possibilities are endless for what can be achieved with this initiative.

"We believe video can help change the world,” said Jonathan Kaplan, Chairperson and CEO of Pure Digital Technologies in a press release. "Non-profit organizations do incredible everyday work that the public rarely sees. Imagine the impact that video would make if every on-the-ground staff member or volunteer had both a camcorder and the ability to broadcast their message to the world.”

Pure Digital will distribute up to one million Flip Video Camcorders to nonprofits and other qualified non-governmental organizations (NGOs) over the next five years, starting this December. These groups will be able to use video as a tool to highlight the need for their services, better communicate with their donors, and broadcast their accomplishments to the world. Qualified nonprofits and NGOs can sign up to purchase Flip Video Spotlight Kits at Flip Video Spotlight and will receive the necessary tools to begin using video technology effectively. The massive camcorder giveaway kicks off today at the Clinton Global Initiative where the camcorders will be distributed to each of the current and former heads of state and other leaders. How cool is that?!

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