Designer Michael Laut has created this Radia Cell Phone, which seems to draw inspiration from glass coasters.

As cellular phones become a standard, the statement they make as a symbol and a fashion accessory has become increasingly important, says the designer. "The Radia phone concept expresses simplicity in form and sophistication in function and user interface. The outer rim, which is made of brushed aluminum makes both a refined professional statement." Apparently, the touch-display is large enough to read and display many types of information, yet small enough to maintain a pocket-sized device. The power button is diagonal from the earpiece speaker and balanced by the microphone which is 180 degrees around the perimeter.

I can't decide if we should add this to the array of concept designs we'll never see, or if its sleekness and tiny size would be enough draw for it to actually get made. One thing's for sure, purse makers would have to adjust cell phone pockets to accommodate its shape.