Razer Edge Tablet

Razer Edge Tablet For Hardcore Gamers Shines at CES

Razer Edge Tablet For Hardcore Gamers Shines at CES

It's been quite a week for gaming hardware at CES — CNET crowned Razer's CES-launched Edge PC gaming tablet ($1,000) with their 2013 Best of Show prize today. NVIDIA earlier unveiled its handheld high-definition console Project Shield, and the Razer Edge game streaming device works in the same vein, but in tablet form.

This hardcore-gaming-PC-meets-Windows-8 tablet runs on an Intel i5 (or i7 for the Pro version) ($1,300) and NVIDIA GeForce graphics, so it promises to deliver high-performance tech in a portable handheld package. While the tablet itself is on par with most Windows 8 ultrabook-tablet convertibles, the Razer Edge's accessories are truly unique and certainly re-create — if not enhance — the full-console gaming experience.

We saw the Razer Edge in action at CES, and think the device adds "best of console" to the "best of tablet/PC" laptop-tablet hybrids also on display at the show. Get a glimpse of the Razer Edge from every angle, and take a peek at the handheld system's many accessories.