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The Reasons Why Some People Are Freaks Online

Ever wonder why people who are sweet in person can be complete jerks online? I know you've had it happen to you at least once... you receive that email or IM where you have to tilt your head and go, huh? Did they actually just say that? Well according to Techdirt, there are many factors which could influence this kind of behavior.
They suggest that people may feel "disinhibited" when behind a computer because of the anonymity or that feeling of being invisible... Or the fact that there is a time lag between saying something and getting a response, which for some people makes them feel like they have permission to be complete *&*$#. "Some feel that it has even more to do with the lack of direct human contact in terms of either seeing hurt feelings or hearing someone's voice." Isn't this soo true?! How many times do you hear about online breakups (through IM or text messages.. awful!) But there's also that element of mis-interpretation. Because when you're face-to-face with someone and they say something sarcastic, you know they're cracking a joke because of their body language.. Whereas on the computer, there's no room for interpreting body language.. which sometimes speaks louder than words. Do you agree?

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