Record Player Storage

Small Space Saver: Draper Media Cabinet

Record Player Storage

City living can come with lots of obstacles, one of which is limited space. Unless you've got the bankroll to afford your own condo or house, you're going to have to settle for small square footage. But if you're a gadget freak like we are, where on earth do you put all of your gaming goodies and your retro music collection? The Draper Cabinet ($249) may be just the thing you need. Not only does this midcentury modern-styled beauty come with a flip top so you can play your records without having to pull out your player, but there's also a place to store said records (with included wire dividers), then another side that would be perfect for storing your collection of video games or other gadget essentials. Plus, it's only 38 inches wide, so it can easily fit in the smallest of apartments.

Of course, you could make like its namesake and keep your liquor and glasses handy for those times you really just need a drink. Betty, get some ice!


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