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Recycling Old TVs, Cell Phones, and Other Gadgets

What Do You Do With Your Old Gadgets?

The wild world of tech moves fast — too fast for some of us — and we're either faced with feverishly upgrading, or being the butt of the slow-moving gadget joke among friends (sample: "Zach Morris called, and he wants his cell phone back.")

But we must eventually upgrade most of our tech, whether it's for speed and capability, a government mandate, or a new hot phone you can't live without. I've recycled cell phones, given my old desktop to a younger sibling, sold TVs on Craigslist, and dropped VCRs off at thrift stores. Any way you can recycle a gadget, I've done it — but I have not thrown a gadget in the dumpster in years and years. Because it's Earth Day, I will solemnly swear that I never will in the future, either. You should go for it, too — and even if you can't get to a recycling center, there's a ton of ways to recycle your old tech! But tell me, what do you do now with gadgets you're done with?


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