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Remixes of the HRC Red Equal Sign

Remixes of the HRC Red Equal Sign

Two momentous court cases with serious implications for gay marriage were decided today. The Supreme Court struck down a 1996 ruling that denied legally married same-sex couples the same federal rights as heterosexual couples, and declared that it could not rule on Proposition 8, a California ban on gay marriage, which essentially paves the way for the state to resume allowing same sex couples to marry.

Both decisions are a huge win for the LGBT community and, in honor of the Supreme Court's landmark rulings and this month's LGBT Pride festivities, we're bringing back the red equality sign first created by the Human Rights Campaign.

Back in March, supporters remixed and photoshopped the symbol to spread the word on the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 rulings. Take a look at some of the viral versions of the simple design, and let us know if there was one you loved that should be in this mix.


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