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Responding to Texts From Strangers

Emo Text From Stranger: Respond or Ignore?

This question was submitted by ohhaimom in our Cell Phone Rant group.

A few nights ago I received a confusing text from a number I didn't recognize right before I went to sleep. It was on my work phone, so I ignored it — certain it was a drunk dial or mistake. When I woke up, there were a flurry of emotional messages from a dad who seemed to have lost touch with his son and was reaching out to his daughter. It was sad, but I decided to ignore it again. Then, at 9:20 am, when I was settled at my desk and working away, he texted "Be smart! Use your head!" I felt compelled to reply back because his tone was so bizarre and I didn't want him thinking he daughter was ignoring him, but then immediately regretted engaging in the mess. So, I'm wondering, do you guys reply back when you get odd texts from strangers?

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