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Response to Proposed NYC Headphone Ban

Reader Redux: On Banning Headphones

After a very scary experience involving a set of plugged-in headphones and a car that ran a red light, I may support NYC's proposed ban on headphones while crossing the street. Not everyone agrees with it though; here's what some of you had to say:

  • "I always look both ways before crossing the street — it's NYC, I just assume a cab or a delivery person on a bike is about to hit me regardless of right of way. Heh. My headphones are also my only line of defense from constant sexual harassment on the street. I'd be an unhappy camper if I have to actually listen to what creepies are saying to me." — aniline
  • "I've had people walk right in front of my car without ever realizing that they were putting themselves in danger of being hit because they were wearing headphones and couldn't hear me. While a law seems a little silly, I can see why it's being proposed." — kindo1313
  • "I totally understand why they would want to do this . . . But I don't necessarily support it. I know personally (though I don't live in NYC) love walking with my headphones in, and I'm always really careful about looking both ways even when I have a walk signal! People just need to be less stupid. Can we make THAT a law?" — bethinabox
  • "People need to be more responsible for their own lives. I'm from New York City and when im walking down the street I make sure that my music isn't so loud that I cant hear the traffic or even someone around me. I've never been so distracted by my music that I'm oblivious to everything going on around me. And yes I have experienced reckless drivers before." — Yesi Jukebox

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