The Retro Alarm Clock That Isn't Really Retro

The Retro Alarm Clock That Isn't Really Retro

This may look like a retro clock where you have to hit the side bells to get it to stop ringing (this part is true), but what you don't see is its unique modern capabilities. This clock easily connects to your PC or laptop via a USB connection so you can transfer audio of your choice to it. That's right, you aren't stuck with that annoying and loud bring-bring alarm sound.

Featured on coolest gadgets, these mp3 clocks by Thanko cost $25 and are powered with three AA batteries. Trust me, no one will ever know that your retroesque alarm clock is filled with your fave sounds and songs...that is, until it goes off! I'd say that this clock would make the perfect bedroom accessory for people who haven't gone digital or who want to keep things simple.

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