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On the Road Recording With Belkin's Tune Studio

MacWorld 2008: Belkin's Tune Studio

My alter ego must be an audiophile, because when I saw Belkin's new portable mixing board called the Tune Studio at Macworld, I totally geeked out. A full-on, four-channel mixer that records right onto iPod classics, second and third gen Nanos, and fifth generation iPods to capture jam sessions, podcasts, and of course, tinkerings from the garage in 16 bit, 44kHz quality.

To demo the mixer, Belkin recorded a live band earlier in the day via Tune Studio. From the playback, my ears couldn't even tell that it wasn't a professional studio recording! I was impressed to say the least. Believe it or not, it seems really simple to use: Plug in up to four different sound sources, attach your iPod and computer, pump out some tunes and you'll end up with some pretty impressive high-quality digital recordings. High-quality jamming by band mates, however, is not guaranteed.



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