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Roboform2Go - Store All Your Passwords

May 28 2007 - 2:00pm

I probably have 100 different passwords I use daily, and while some are automatically stored on my computer, or the nonsense notecard where I pretend to jot them down, I have gone into that nail-biting "OMG I can't log on!" panic a few too many times to mention.

Enter Roboform2Go [0], a tiny USB device that securely stores your passwords, contacts and other data. At first I was skeptical, thinking that having all my passwords in one place was potentially dangerous, but then I realized all my passwords are stored on my computer anyway and I trust the people around me more than I trust myself to remember every password. Also, the device itself has a password, so you just have to remember that one and you're in like Flynn.

The best part about the Roboform2Go is the fact that once you plug it in, it navigates to the site, enters passwords and logs in for you. It also can fill long registration and checkout forms with one lick and secures your information with an encryption. The device costs $39.95.

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