I've been on a wireless mouse kick recently so I was really excited when I got the Rocketfish Twister Wireless Laser Notebook Mouse, which was designed to fit in your travel bag. Intrigued by its small size and "laser" packaging, little Miss Molly stepped up to the plate - or desktop - and offered to take it home and give it a scroll.

Overall, Molly was charmed by the mouse, which has a 3D flat scroll panel that allows for silent scrolling and a trackpad-like touch feeling. While it's noticeably compact, Molly has delicate fingers so it was a perfect to her hand and she thought it was much easier to use on a non-desk surface (ie her couch) than some of the other laser mice she's played with. Her fiancé, however, did not have the same experience. When he tested the mouse he found it to be far too undersized for his hands and made his fingers get cramped up.

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The Rocketfish laser mouse supports Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP and Vista; Mac compatible; USB connection. It costs $29.99.