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Rosie O'Donnell Is a Flip Fanatic

Rosie O'Donnell Is a Flip Fanatic

Aside from BlackBerrys and iPhones, Flip Video digital camcorders are becoming the latest must-have gadget in Hollywood.

Last week we showcased Paris having some fun with a Flip, and now Rosie O'Donnell was caught workin' the Flip last night at the 12th Annual Kids' Night on Broadway. What's not to like about this camera? It is pocket-sized and simple to use, and you can easily upload videos to your computer with its built-in software.

Rosie is certainly no stranger to tech, as she's confessed her love for her iPhone and is constantly updating her blog with personal stories and videos. It's just a thought, but maybe she could teach Angelina Jolie how to use a computer?!




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