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Rutherford B. Hayes Was the First President With a Telephone and Typewriter in the White House

Vintage Geek: Rutherford B. Hayes, Your First Geeky President

Don't feel too bad if you're playing CitizenSugar's Presidential FaceOff Game and find yourself scratching your head at who was a better president, considering all of our early American History may be a little fuzzy.

So I come to you with this rockin' piece of trivia, courtesy of Neatorama: Rutherford B. Hayes, aside from being the owner of a smokin' hot Blue Steel, was the first geek in the White House!

Yup, Hayes brought the first telephone and typewriter into the White House, and considering I can't live without my iPhone or MacBook Pro, I would say I highly appreciate a forward-thinking man. Think Barack will ever switch from a BlackBerry to an iPhone?

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