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Samsung Black Carbon Phone Gets Star Treatment

LA's uber trendy Kitson Men's store hosted the launch party for Samsung's Global Black Carbon cell phone this week and I couldn't help but notice the company used the same "put it in a glass to make it look unattainable" marketing tactic as Apple did with the iPhone at last month's Macworld. Our Geek of the Week Allison Janney, who was spotted checking out Microsoft's new operating system Vista this week as well, was able to get her hands on the phone for a more intimate look.

The Black Carbon cell is part of Samsung’s Ultra Edition line and with a "you can never be too thin. Same with your phone. At only 12.9 millimeters, the Black Carbon is one of the thinnest, slimmest sliders in the world," marketing ploy it seems they are trying to get the attention of, well, let's just say it, women. For more about the phone and photos of read more

Aside from insulting my body image, the phone does pack some power. The phone has a 3.0 megapixel camera, auto focus, a macro option and PictBridge technology. It also has global GSM quad-band capabilities, which means you won't miss a call, text message or sports score virtually anywhere you go. It also plays MP3 files and a variety of AAC files.












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