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Samsung Captivate Super AMOLED Screen

Will the AMOLED Supply Shortage Delay the Captivate?

In case you haven't heard, both the HTC EVO and Droid Incredible shipping dates to be pushed back another few weeks (or until further notice, as in the case with the EVO 4G).

I know you want your phone, so what's the hold up, you ask? In the case of the Droid Incredible, it's the AMOLED screens that come outfitted on the handset— manufacturers are in short supply, and can't meet customer demand. The only two companies equipped to handle high volume production of these types of screens are Samsung and LG, which makes it hard for more mobile companies to adopt the high-quality displays. In fact, HTC has already switched to a different screen type (a lesser-quality TFT LCD) for their upcoming phones — including the Droid X — to prevent future supply shortages, which are expected to continue.

And if you've got your eye on the new Samsung Captivate (which is outfitted with a Super AMOLED screen) should you be wary of the same kind of delays that are affecting HTC customers? Find out after the break.

It's unlikely. The one thing the Captivate has going for it is exclusivity — Super AMOLED display technology is exclusive to Samsung, who produces both the phone and the screens. Not only that, but it's likely that they're concentrating more of the production power on the Super AMOLED screens, rather than bumping up their AMOLED supply for other companies. Obviously Samsung could run short if demand far exceeds supply, since there's nowhere to outsource any additional production help.

Tell me — are you looking forward to the Samsung Captivate, or do you have your heart set on another phone all together?

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