Samsung Digital Camera DV300F

Samsung Announces DV300F Point and Shoot Ahead of CES

Samsung Announces DV300F Point and Shoot Ahead of CES

You know you love taking self portraits and pics of you and your friends, so you'll probably love the new 16MP Samsung DV300F 2View camera that features a forward-facing 1.5-inch LCD viewfinder for picture-perfect shots.

Coming stocked with WiFi connectivity, this feature allows you to share images with Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, and YouTube and connect wirelessly to your home PC to transfer pics to your computer, freeing up space on your camera without ever breaking out a cord or adapter. What's more, you can create artwork in various different ways right on the camera. Just like one of our new favorite apps, Diptic, you can merge up to three different images (even from different cameras) right inside the camera. Other features include "Magic Frame," which comes with 12 styled backgrounds; "Artistic Brush," that changes your portraits or landscapes into black and white sketches and watercolor-styled images; and "Motion Photo," a video feature that allows you to capture one person's movements while freezing everyone else in the frame.

No word yet on when this camera will be available, but there are sure to be more details at CES.


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