Samsung Galaxy S4 Pictures

The Futuristic Samsung Galaxy S4

The Futuristic Samsung Galaxy S4

The much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 made its Broadway debut at Radio City Music Hall, with slimmer hardware and updated software chock-full of futuristic features like air-gesture recognition, eye scrolling, and touch sensitivity, even if the user's wearing gloves.

Samsung's presentation was nothing short of theatrical. There were choreographed numbers, a charismatic presenter named Will, and a live in-house orchestra. Is the Galaxy S4 worthy of that pomp and circumstance?

We'll find out when the latest Galaxy smartphone is available for preorder starting April 16 on AT&T. We've got all of the Samsung Galaxy S4's flashy features and tech specs in the gallery, so take a look and tell us whether you think the new phone is truly the "next big thing."

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