Samsung Gear Live and LG G Smartwatch

Google on Your Wrist! Meet Android's Two Newest Smartwatches

Google on Your Wrist! Meet Android's Two Newest Smartwatches

Our original predictions were almost right. At Google's biggest conference of the year, I/O, wearable tech played a big part. Google has good news and bad news for us. First, the good news: two new smartwatches, powered by Android Wear, are available for preorder today — the Samsung Gear Live ($199) and LG G Watch ($229). They'll ship July 7, and you can preorder them through Google Play later today.

Now, the bad news. The round-faced, stylish Moto 360 smartwatch won't be available until later this Summer. Sad.

There was a pretty exciting demo at the keynote of how these gadgets can be used. Pinterest Places on Google smartwatches will inform you if you're near a business you've pinned. The food delivery service Eat24 will let users pay and offer an estimated time of arrival from their watch. The ride-share taxi service Lyft also works seamlessly with Android Wear. This news means that Google has beat Apple to the smartwatch. We're anticipating an iWatch this Fall, but it may be too late to attract early adopters who have gone Android.

Scroll down for a preview of Google's newest wrist-bound wearables and the software that powers them, Android Wear.

Source: Samsung